Alaskan Moose

Alaskan Moose

In The Camp

We were out camping somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Alaska.  Our camp is all set up, we are in day 2 of the camp-out.  Along comes mama moose and 2 calves (unusual to have 2 calves) right through the middle of the camp.

When people tell you all animals are afraid of fire, they did not know this moose.  She stepped right over the fire on the way through our camp.  Of course, our dog decided to get territorial at that moment and went after the moose – not a real bright idea.  The fact that a moose is much larger than a dachshund did not phase our dog Gus in the least.  This was his camp and no 1000 pound moose was going to convince him otherwise.

The dog and the moose faced off and charged each other.  In the meantime, the 2 calves got scared and ran off into the trees.  We never did see them again.  By this time the dog is under the moose biting her legs and barking up a storm.  The moose starts jumping up and down trying to get away from the dog.

The dog decided that being under a moose jumping up and down was not a real safe place to be so he takes off at a dead run into the trees with the mama moose hot on his trail.

Dad decides to go get the dog and runs after the 2 animals into the woods.  The rest of us get into the car (hoping it will be safer inside).  About a minute later, here comes dad at a dead run heading back to camp with the dog right behind him and the moose right behind the dog.  The dog passes dad and makes it to the car first (mom is holding the car door open) and jumps inside.

By now, the moose is right behind dad so he grabs a low hanging branch and tries to swing up into the tree.  The branch breaks and he falls flat on his back.  The moose is apparently startled by the branch snapping and hitting it in the face and luckily jumps over the top of dear old dad.  Dad jumps up before the moose gets turned around and shinnies up the tree (no more low hanging branches).

The moose starts circling the tree looking for dad.  It is a small tree and bent over from the weight of dad hanging in it, so every time the moose goes under dad he has to lift his butt up to keep the moose’s head from hitting him in the fanny.

The momma moose finally leaves and we can hear her finding her calves.  Dad gets his pistol and wants to shoot the dog, mom won’t let him.

The moral of the story is:  Never be the slowest runner when the wild animal is chasing, you only need to be ahead of the slowest runner.

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