Mens Hiking Boots

Mens Hiking Boots

Mens Hiking Boots – With the proper ones, your feet are comfy all day long.  Learn what you need to make that happen.

The North Face Men's Havoc ShoeWhat Kind – There are a variety of types and styles of mens hiking boots available on the market today.  They range everywhere from a Shoe style to a hightop that goes well above the ankle.  Remember, don’t forget the socks!

What style – The style needed will be determined by what you need your mens hiking boots for.  If you are just walking on easy terrain, then a pair of low tops will be fine.

Sorel Men's Woodbine SurplusIf you are going to be going over rough terrain, then you will want a pair of mens hiking boots that go above the ankle to provide additional support.  If you are going to hike rough trails over broken rocks, then you will also need to select a type of mens hiking boots with good sturdy soles as well as ankle support.

Vasque Men's Breeze GTX BootComposition – The type of terrain and weather will be a factor in the selection of your mens hiking boots and what they are made of.  There are many good light weight high tech composition materials available today that will increase how long your mens hiking boots will last, how much they weigh and how much they will cost.

Nikwax Waterproofing Wax for Leather CreamNikwax Waterproofing Wax for Leather LiquidClimate and Location – The time of year and where in the world you are will also be a factor in your selection.  If you are in a hot dry area you will not need an insulated boot.  However, do not go trudging through the snow without insulated boots.  Cold or wet feet are not fun to walk on and this can also lead to serious injury, also not fun.  Regardless, waterproof your footwear.

Price Range – The price range is as varied as the styles of mens hiking boots that are available.  The price will generally range from low to high as you select the mens hiking boots that will be appropriate for the level of activity you are planning on.   Usually the more strenuous the activity the higher the price you will have to pay for your mens hiking boots.

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