Hiking Equipment

Hiking Equipment

Hiking on the trailHiking Equipment – The key to success is having the right gear. You will want to take into account the terrain, the altitude, the weather, and your experience level before you start on your trek. Don’t forget to take your camera along.

Outdoor GearFor short hikes, proper hiking equipment will include boots or shoes, depending on the terrain, (don’t forget the socks), and appropriate clothing based on the expected weather conditions (be aware that we don’t always get what we expect – Check WeatherBug at the bottom of the home page.), lots of water bottles with filters or canteens (take along water purifiers if needed), food and/or snacks to keep your energy level up, a small first aid kit, pocket knife, hat and sunscreen (you may be out in open terrain for periods of time in the sun).

Hiking at Paragon
For medium to longer length hikes, you will want to add to your hiking equipment a few more items. A daypack to carry the extra items will be most helpful. You will want to include more food and energy snacks, extra water bottles, maps, a compass, depending on the weather and altitude possibly a blanket and a light weight coat. Always make sure your hiking equipment is in good shape. It is better to take a little extra and not need it than to be caught short.

3 in 1 Mini Thermometer Compass Whistle GreenAdditional hiking equipment that is sometimes forgotten: Toilet paper (take in a plastic bag to keep dry), bug repellent, sun glasses, light weight rain gear, a whistle for emergency use, first aid kit, and a trail guide book or map if one is available, and your trusty GPS device.  A camera is always a great item to take along to keep the memories alive!

Hiking equipment does not need to be expensive or elaborate, but it does need to be useable. The best hiking equipment in the world won’t do you any good if you don’t remember to bring it with you. Always double check your hiking equipment to make sure you have not forgotten anything and that everything is in working condition.

For safety, always let someone know where you are going, which trails you will be on, and when to expect you back. Remember to always use the correct hiking equipment for the most enjoyable time.

Always be prepared for the unexpected by having the right stuff and good useable hiking equipment.

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