Fishing Lure

Fishing Lure

Heddon Zara Spook - White Red Head - HardbaitsThere are many types of fishing lure made today.  They are made to resemble the color and movement of different types of prey.  The point is to get a “bite” and bring home dinner.

Northland Fishing Tackle Mimic Minnow - 1 32 oz. - Silver Shiner - Wire BaitsA fishing lure is designed to be appealing to what you are after.  If it looks like the real prey and acts like the real prey, then your chances for making a catch are increased greatly.

A number of materials are used to make today’s modern fishing lure: soft or hard plastic, wood, different types of metal, animal hair, feathers, and cork.  The point being to make something that will attract what you are trying to catch.

Other Lake & Stream Hook Assortment - Specialty

Single Hook Assortment

Bass Pro Shops XPS Replacement Treble Hook Kit - Red - Treble

Treble Hook Kit

There are a variety of hooks that are used also: single or treble hooks can be attached or they can already be a part of the item.  You can also have combinations of the different styles of hook all on the same fishing lure.

Depending on the type of fishing lure being used and the way it is constructed can add a wobble or vibration.  This is designed to attract the attention of your prey.  Swivels are a small item generally used to attach your fishing lure to the line.  The swivel also allows your tackle to spin without twisting your line into a knot.

Bass Pro Shops 418-Piece Beetle Bug Lure Kit - SoftbaitsMany different colors can be used in making a fishing lure.  There are many different kinds of food (418-Piece Beetle Bug Lure Kit – Softbaits) being eaten by your catch.  Different fish eat different things, so you want to try and emulate what they eat with your fishing lure.

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