Fishing Gear

Fishing Gear

Fishing gear is comprised of a number of basic items – rod, reel, line, and accessories.  You then start adding additional items that may be general in nature or specific to the type of fish you are trying to catch.

Shakespeare Ugly Stik SP60 Spinning Rod and Reel Combo

Basic Set

The first 3 basic pieces of fishing gear are the rod, the reel, and an appropriate strength line.  After this, you start adding items related to the type of fish you are trying to catch and start filling your tackle box with all sorts of goodies.

Browning Fishing SilaFlex Spinning Rod

Fiberglass Rods

Rods – the first piece of your fishing gear – these are used to cast your line with a lure or bait of some sort out to where you think the fish are located.  As part of your fishing gear, a basic rod can be made from bamboo, fiberglass, or graphite.  The lightest is generally made from graphite.  Beginners or youngsters tend to like fiberglass because they are very hard to break.  You do not want to be replacing your fishing gear if you can help it.

Abu Garcia Cardinal S Spinning ReelsReels – the second piece of your fishing gear– these are the devices that hold your line and allow you to take the line back after you have cast your line out.  There are 3 basic variations that can be a part of your fishing gear – casting, spinning, and fly.  You will need an appropriate rod designed to hold the type of reel you have.

Lines – the third piece of your fishing gear – these are light weight, come in a variety of strengths and types, and hopefully are strong enough for you to reel in your catch without breaking.  Line is another must have item in your fishing gear.  The 2 most common are mono-filament and braided (used with fly reels.)

Fishing Gear Accessories – this is anything that is related to this pastime.  In some cases, as you find what works the best for you, having multiples of the same item comes in handy.  Don’t be caught without a spare of your best item while the fish are biting because you forgot to replace your fishing gear.

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