Coleman Tents

Coleman Tents

Dome TentColeman tents are designed to keep you dry and out of the weather.  All you need to worry about is getting the correct one for your needs.

Type:  There are several types of Coleman tents available to choose from.  You will want to choose one based on your particular needs for the trip.  This item is a staple for any great outdoor experience where camping overnight is a part of the trip.

Coleman Instant Tent 4 Person TentInstant – These are the easiest Coleman tents to use.  From packed to set up in less than 60 seconds.  This style is for the new camper with little experience to the experienced who does not want to waste time with set up.  Double the thickness of material and these Coleman tents ensure they will keep you dry and are long lasting.

Coleman Hooligan 2 Two Person Backpacker TentBackpacking – This is where you want lightweight and easy set up combined.  Coleman tents provide you with a full length rain fly that gives extra protection from the weather and space to store your gear, you will be cozy and dry.

Dome – these types of Coleman tents are very stable, come in a variety of sizes, and are easy to set up.  They will keep you protected from the elements so your outdoor adventure will be much more enjoyable.  Domes are used by scouts, families, and friends.

Coleman Naugatuck 6-Person Signature TentModified Dome – Just like the Dome, these will protect you from the weather, come in a variety of sizes, and are easy to set up.  This style of Coleman tents have the extra space for your gear and extra headroom for those that like to stand up instead for being bent over or crawling over everything.

Coleman Vacationer 2-Room 10-Person 15 x 10 Cabin TentCabin – These are the Coleman tents designed for the family campers.  The sturdy structure provides lots of headroom and space for the family and their gear.  Coleman tents have color coding which helps in making them an easy set up.  Make sure you select the style that fits your needs.

Size:  The size is dependent upon several issues and with Coleman tents you have options.  Are you going to be backpacking or driving to your location and how many people need to fit inside comfortably?  If it is too small, everyone is cramped and if it is too large, you have extra weight that is not necessary.  Coleman tents come in a size to fit your needs.

For easy set up, designed to fit your needs, and a dry night, you need one of the Coleman Tents.

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