Clothes for Hiking

Clothes for Hiking

Clothes For Hiking – Your selection can be the difference between a good time or a bad time.18407_Clothing & Footwear favorite brandsOne thing to remember when in the outdoors is the fact that most of the clothes for hiking that you select can also be used while you are backpacking and camping.  This will help cut the expense when you are moving on to the more strenuous and exciting activities in nature.

When selecting your clothes for hiking, you will want to start at one end of the body or the other and move to the other end.  In our example, we shall start at the feet.

Supply SergeantThe boots and socks you select to add to your growing inventory of clothes for hiking are very important.  You want boots that fit and are rugged.  The socks will be in two layers.  The inner layer fits snuggly against your foot and is slippery on the outside.  The boot socks will go over this pair and rub against the inner pair of socks and not you and this will help keep the blisters to a minimum.

Things to consider when adding pants to your collection of clothes for hiking are several:  weather, weight, distance you are going to cover, vegetation you will be going through (trust us, if there are thorns and pokey things you will want heavier pants to protect your legs).

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If the weather is going to be cold, then a good set of long johns is a nice addition to the clothes for hiking you are selecting.  Make sure they help pull (the term “wick” is generally used) the moisture (sweat for you men and perspiration for the ladies) away from your body.  You also do not want the material to retain the moisture if can be helped.  Clothes for hiking that breathe (let the moisture out) are the best.

Layering your clothes for hiking also is a great way to adjust for temperature changes and levels of effort on your part.  Remember to have a good T-shirt or undergarment of some sort.  Layer over this with a shirt of proper weight for the trek you are on.

There are still several items to go when finishing out your clothes for hiking list.  A good jacket, depending on the weather, should be taken along with a hat to keep the sun and weather off your head.  For those of us the skin showing through on the tops of our heads, the hat and sunscreen may be a necessary addition to our list of clothes for hiking that we are putting together.

And don’t forget the one last item to add to your list of clothes for hiking inventory – Rain Gear.  Take our word for it, cold and wet do not go well together.

A poncho may not be pretty but they work real well.  They are inexpensive, too!

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