Camping Outdoors

Camping Outdoors

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Camping Outdoors
provides a variety of ways to enjoy this past-time and we have the equipment answers for you here.  Always remember to plan your trip ahead of time.

Ah, Nature! People have their own version of what is meant by “Camping Outdoors”. You can lay on the ground, use a tent, use a trailer towed behind your vehicle, an RV, or even be in a cabin. (A king sized pillow-top mattress beats the heck out of laying on the ground with a rock poking you in the small of the back all night!)

There are similarities and differences you should be aware of when camping outdoors:

Tent – This is the simplest version of camping outdoors. It is not necessarily the easiest, but it can be the least expensive.

Trailer – This can allow you to bring more stuff and have a little more comfort while you are camping outdoors.  Now you can have a little bit bigger stove.

RV – This is the junior version of taking your home with you. Remember to latch all cabinet doors to make sure all of your stuff stay where you put it instead of ending up all over the floor of your RV.

Cabin – This is the senior version of taking your home with you, if it is big enough, this is where you can have the pillow-top mattress. (Many will give you an argument that this is NOT camping outdoors. Gee, I wonder why?)

Regardless of which version of camping outdoors you choose to do, some of the common items needed are listed below. The amount, size, and weight will depend on how you get to the site you selected for camping outdoors

Remember, while you are camping outdoors, that this is supposed to be FUN! So don’t forget to check your list twice (Santa checks his twice).

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