Camping Knives

Camping Knives

Camping knives are very handy when you are outdoors.  You never know when you may need to cut something while you are away from home or away from your base camp.

Swiss Army Classic SD Silver KnifeThe multi-use version gives you flexibility.  You don’t have to have different camping knives for every occasion.  With the different tools the Swiss Army Classic SD Silver Knife has as part of it, you can be ready for anything.

When you are out hiking on the trail, you never know when you may need to cut something, just feel the need to whittle, or pull a sliver out of a finger.  Small pocket size camping knives are always handy and available in a pinch (you have to remember to put it in your pocket – that is why you want a small one.)

Swiss Army Explorer Plus KnifeWhen you are out backpacking, safety and the potential for having to perform first aid, requires that you have a good selection of camping knives with you.  One set with you and possibly another set at your base camp.  Blisters can popup when you least expect them.  Now with the Swiss Army Explorer Plus Knife you can cut the blister padding to the right size and shape.

For heavier duty use, medium size camping knives can be very useful.  A larger handle can cause less wear and tear on your hand if you end up using it a lot.

Swiss Army One-hand Trekker KnifeFor longer trips you will want larger camping knives.  This will give you the flexibility to do may varying tasks around your site.  You never know how many camp tools you may need to make to get the camp more comfortable.  Swiss Army One-hand Trekker Knife

Buck Knives X-Tract EssentialEmergency – you never know when it will happen.  You must be prepared at all times with the proper equipment.  If you don’t have the proper camping knives when you need them, then the emergency just got worse.  Don’t put yourself in that position.  Buck Knives X-Tract Essential Always have with you the proper camping knives.

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