Camping Accessories

Camping Accessories

Camping Accessories – The selection of proper gear will be the key to a successful stay in nature.  Here you will find the information to help make your time in nature a success.

Coghlans Tissue on the GoProper camping accessories will make your stay in nature a real joy.  TP is an absolute essential.  Safety is always an issue so you will want to have the proper camping accessories to ensure an enjoyable stay in nature.

Coleman-Sevylor Rechargeable Quick PumpThe selection of the proper sleeping bag in your camping accessories can have a profound effect on your enjoyment.  Too heavy and extra weight again, too light and you are cold all night (trust us – at 30 below zero this is not where you want to find yourself).  To inflate your air mattress you need a Pump.

Coleman Basic Propane Two Burner Stove with LidColeman’s Compact 2-Burner Gas Stove gives you the versatility of multiple burners, and the convenience of a lightweight, compact camping stove.

Adding a cook stove to your camping accessories can be a life saver.  Having had to deal with cold people and hypothermia, a fast heating stove to make warm water can literally save a life!

Adventure Medical Kits Weekender Medical KitA good First aid kit – if you don’t have one in your camping accessories– Get One!

Kindling is best when used dry (plastic re-sealable bags work well.)  You never know when you will need a good fire.  Save the lint from your dryer (it makes it faster than your belly button) and add it to your camping accessories.

Texsport Folding Survival Shovel with SawTools do not need to be a big or heavy addition to your camping accessories.  Patience can generally overcome most problems here.  It will take a little longer but you can cut down a tree with a pocket knife.  A saw and shovel to cut the wood and put the fire out come in real handy.  (This is where the first aid kit comes in handy for the blisters on your hands.)

Stansport Nylon Utility Cord - OD GreenCord, rope,  or twine – this comes in real handy if you need to make some lashings or hang up a bear bag (although we have seen kamikaze bears jump out of trees to try and get to the food in the bag).  If the bear gets the bag, you will definitely need to replace your camping accessories.

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