Backpacking Air Mattress

Backpacking Air Mattress

The backpacking air mattress you take with you, unless you have a friend along who likes carrying your gear, will be have to be carried by you; therefore, one that is lightweight is a consideration that must be addressed.

Backpacking Air MattressLife on the trail is not always like sleeping at home so your gear must be comfortable or it is not worth taking along.  Make sure you give your backpacking air mattress a test run or two while still at home to see if you like it.  None of us need the extra aggravation while on the trail of finding out it is not comfortable or that it is too heavy to lug along.

Coghlans 159340 Double Action Hand PumpTaking along a hand pump adds to the weight you have to carry. Having a backpacking air mattress that is easy to inflate is a bonus (having good lung power helps); otherwise you will probably not use it.  If you are not going to use your backpacking air mattress, then why did you bring it?

Therm-A-Rest Fast and Light Repair KitUnfortunately, equipment breaks, or tears, or leaks.  Whatever type of backpacking air mattress you take along, it must be easy to repair while on the trail.  This means some sort of a Light Repair Kit would be nice to have with you.

Your pack will only hold so many items of gear.  Space is always a consideration so your backpacking air mattress should not be bulky.   The alternative is to tie it on the outside of your pack.  So remember, you will want to have a lightweight, small in size backpacking air mattress.

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