Backpack Mess Kit

Backpack Mess Kit

Backpack Mess Kit – Different styles have been used over the years by the military and outdoorsmen of the world, each has advantages and disadvantages.

Liberty Mountain Deluxe Mess KitBeing light in weight is a big consideration based on the amount of other gear that also needs to be carried.  A backpack mess kit can be found made of aluminum or if you need one a little sturdier, there are those models made of steel.

You want a backpack mess kit that is easy to use when you are out on the trail.  The kind of gear that is easy to use, clean, and pack back up.  Some styles come with a lightweight case to carry it in.  A limited number of pieces makes it easier to pack back up and keep track of each item if you are in a hurry.  Fewer pieces in your backpack mess kit generally means less weight for you to carry.

You will need to have a cup along.  Sometimes this is a part of your backpack mess kit and sometimes it can be a part of the canteen set.  Having a canteen as a part of your backpack mess kit, especially the ones with the cup that slides up onto the bottom of the canteen conserves space and provides the cup to drink with at the same time.  This comes in handy for making your coffee, soup, or other drinks.

By having part of your backpack mess kit that is able to be used as a skillet, you don’t need to bring along a separate pan to cook in.  The lid is generally used as the food tray and may or may not have a handle attached.  This depends on the style or type that you have selected as your backpack mess kit.

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